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Crossdykes Muirhall Energy
Stephen Corr

Crossdykes Wind Farm brings forward the next generation of renewable development; the UK’s largest fully subsidy-free wind farm, with the longest turbines blades, and the highest level of community investment per MW.

A comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment was undertaken and followed the advice provided throughout the scoping process.

Muirhall has had exceptional levels of engagement with the local community and industry to bring forward an outstanding development that not only tackled the removal of subsidies but was fit for the future. In 2019 Muirhall secured a tip height increase for the site via a Section 42 application approved by Dumfries & Galloway Council, optimising the capacity for maximum delivery of renewable energy.

In 2020 Crossdykes was the first subsidy-free wind farm to enter the balancing market in a ground-breaking contract.

Stephen Corr Muirhall Energy

Stephen Corr

head of project delivery

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Shared Ownership & Community Benefits

Our wind farm will provide an industry-leading fund of £322,000 enabling the community to achieve investments and initiatives in line with local needs

Throughout the development and construction process, Muirhall collaborated with the local community to deliver a development that will supply a lasting benefit. Crossdykes will deliver an industry-leading £7,000 per MW each year, leading the way in developer-led community investments, demonstrating Muirhall’s commitment to local communities and ensuring that value is added directly to the area. During the construction period, the addition of an Initial Investment Fund of £100,000 supported 32 community projects. For more details, please see here

The Crossdykes’ turbines have been named by members of the community, with school pupils from Applegarth and Hutton Primaries and Lockerbie care-home residents all submitting imaginative suggestions.

“Muirhall Energy has been exemplary in regard to engaging with our local community, and the willingness of Muirhall staff to get to know the area and the different players in our local community organisation has led to a sound mutual understanding. This has been based on honesty and openness. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with the company and to seeing real benefits from the much-needed investment coming from Muirhall into the local community.”

Nicholas Jennings, Chair, Eskdalemuir Community

“We supplied aggregates and Ready Mix concrete for the construction of Crossdykes Wind Farm. This allowed us to directly employ 4 extra employees, and as we employ the services of several local sub-contractors they have also benefitted from the extra work. Due to the ongoing wind projects in the area, we have been able to secure these jobs and are currently looking to recruit a further 2 employees. These projects are especially critical to the rural economy in bringing employment and much needed funding to community projects.”

Stuart Dodd, Grange Quarry Ltd

“Muirhall have been heavily involved with communicating with the surrounding communities of the Crossdykes development over the last 4 years. They have explained in great depth what is going to happen with the wind farm and have always been very pro-active in clarifying any doubts that constituents may have. They have gone out of their way to make sure that all community groups are kept in the loop throughout the development.”

Margaret Sanderson, Former Chair, Langholm, Ewes and Westerkirk

“Briskona Broadband is delighted to partner with Muirhall Energy to deploy a sustainable, scalable and future-proof internet access solution. Briskona is using a hybrid fibre and fixed wireless access solution to connect community homes, businesses and farms in the surrounding areas.

The partnership has grown from a mutual passion; investment in the community. We are excited to be Muirhall Energy’s preferred broadband partner for Crossdykes wind farm and look forward to helping more communities, connecting the unconnected and giving back to the community in years to come.”

Jamie Parsons, Briskona Ltd

“The community engagement throughout this development from scoping at the beginning of the project through meetings with the community councils, other local organisations and some personal engagement has been very well organised, very informative and questions were answered with clarity showing great knowledge of the industry represented.”

Ronnie Tait, Local Ward Councillor, Dumfries and Galloway Council

Extending our internet provision to the community

To meet the operational needs of the wind farm Muirhall have facilitated the installation of 7.8km of internet fibre to the Crossdykes site. To support the local community, Muirhall Energy have worked in partnership with Scottish company Briskona Ltd to offer a Fixed Wireless and FTTP offering to the properties closest to the wind farm, supplying super-fast broadband, where previously connectivity was low.

Short-Term and Long-Term Economic Benefit

The construction of the windfarm sought services from 18 local businesses in the Drumfries & Galloway area, and during the COVID-19 pandemic provided guaranteed income whilst the wider economy was in decline, bringing £3.4 million into the local economy. During the development and construction of the Crossdykes Wind Farm Muirhall generated:

  • £1.7 million GVA and supported 21 years of employment in the local area,
  • £3.8 million GVA and 50 years of employment across Dumfries and Galloway, and
  • £17.5 million GVA and 238 years of employment within Scotland.

It has been estimated that the operations and maintenance of Crossdykes Wind Farm could generate the following each year:

  • £230,000 GVA and supports three jobs in the local area;
  • £429,000 GVA and six jobs in Dumfries and Galloway; and 
  • £562,000 GVA and nine jobs across Scotland.

Muirhall Energy believes in responsible development and open, transparent community engagement. We consider Crossdykes to be an excellent example of what can be achieved and we look forward to extending this model so that other communities near our developments have the same opportunity to thrive and prosper.




 Muirhall Energy

Information at a Glance


Planning approved by Dumfries & Galloway Council March 2018.

S42 for tip increase approved in June 2019.


10 turbines = 4.8 MW each.

Total Installed Capacity = Up to 48MW, however generation capped at 46MW.


Height to blade tip = up to 176.5m.

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