Chris Walker Founder & Managing Director

Chris Walker - Muirhall Energy

Our ambitions for the future include a portfolio of renewable energy sites which we will seek to develop through:

Engaging with the communities that live and work close to our developments.

Committing to closely collaborating with local people to maximise the benefits to them and to minimise any impacts.

Determination to deliver opportunities for local communities to co-invest in our projects.

Muirhall Energy is a leading independent developer of renewable energy projects, based in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Led and managed by a dynamic team, Muirhall has constructed over 100MW of onshore wind projects across the UK, with over 750MW either consented or in planning.

Our projects are making a significant contribution to Scottish and UK Government climate change targets and providing local communities across Scotland with funds to invest in the challenges and opportunities that matter to them.

Current Leading Projects

Loganhead - Muirhall Energy

Alastair Yule

Director of development


Loganhead - Muirhall Energy

Stephen Corr

Senior Project Manager Construction


Loganhead - Muirhall Energy

Mike Molleson

Senior Project Manager 



Leading the way as a low carbon energy producer

Alistair Yule - Muirhall Energy

Muirhall Energy aims to create sympathetically designed and sustainable developments which will make a significant contribution towards Scotland’s ambitious net zero targets while simultaneously creating real opportunities for local communities.

We are embracing new technologies which will help us optimise the efficiency of our installations. Developing sustainable energy is crucial for the future of our planet and we at Muirhall Energy want to ensure people and communities are given the opportunity to benefit directly from our developments. Giving communities access to significant funding empowers and enables them to put innovative ideas into play, which in turn creates confidence, optimism and resilience.