Glen Ullinish II Wind Farm Proposal

Our proposals for an expanded and re-designed Glen Ullinish II Wind Farm would maximise the project’s contribution to Scotland’s climate change targets and also deliver a far greater community investment fund for the people of Skye to invest in local priorities.

Glen Ullinish II Wind Farm proposal

Muirhall Energy has begun work to assess areas of land adjoining the original project, north of Struan, with  a view to developing proposals for an expanded and re-designed project. If successful, Glen Ullinish II would replace the existing consented wind farm project.

The proposals would maximise the project’s contribution to Scotland’s climate change targets, with the potential to produce the equivalent of the annual power needs of more than 200,000 homes, which would save 350,000 tonnes of carbon emissions - equal to taking 170,000 cars off the road.

In addition, they would see the development of a community investment fund of up to £2m a year for the people of Skye to invest in local priorities, based on our industry-leading £7,000 per MW community offering.

We aim to add resilience to the local economy by involving local businesses and stakeholders, creating a fair and equitable economic and environmental model. This approach would directly benefit people living locally and, by including the community in the drive for greener growth and investment, we can work towards creating a sustainable renewable energy model.

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The Site & Project 

The proposed project would be sited north of Struan, within the Bracadale Estate and two sections of commercial forestry, Glenvicaskill and Balmeanach. The site generates strong wind speeds, sits outwith any national or local landscape designations and already benefits from an existing consent.  

If successful, Glen Ullinish II would replace our plans for the existing project, Glen Ullinish Wind Farm. The wider project covers a broader area of land and although our plans are still at an early stage, a total development size of up to 59 turbines is being considered at up to 200 metres to tip.

Project timeline

Muirhall Energy have recently submitted a Scoping Application to the Energy Consents Unit of the Scottish Government. The scoping process will define the environmental studies and key information which Muirhall will be required to provide as part of our application for consent. Click here to view the Scoping Application.

To further inform the evolution of the project we recently held public consultations on Skye. To see the materials presented at the public consultations please click here.

Throughout this process, we will maintain our strong local presence ensuring regular dialogue and engagement with residents, crofting committees, community councils and other community groups.  We will also be holding another round of consultation events later this year. We place great importance on the feedback from the communities around our projects, as such we would be grateful if you could spare five minutes to complete our online questionnaire. Please click here.  

Skye Reinforcement Project 

Both the existing consented project and Glen Ullinish II Wind Farm are reliant on the Skye Reinforcement Project, the transmission line upgrade works to be undertaken by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks. As such, any electricity connection to transmission infrastructure is not possible until the middle of the decade at the earliest. For more information, please click here.

Community Commitment & Consultation

Our Community Pledge

Muirhall Energy is recognised as an exemplar in the industry for its commitment to local communities and, as with our other larger projects, we will offer an industry-leading £7,000 per MW installed in community investment with Glen Ullinish II. That commitment will remain for the lifetime of the project and has the potential to create an annual community investment fund estimated to be around £2 million.  

Over the lifetime of the project this would equate to over £60 million of funding available for communities across the island to invest in the things that matter to local people, whether that be creating new jobs and training opportunities, improving local amenities and sports facilities or delivering environmental improvements. It will be for the people living on Skye to decide where their priorities lie.  

We will also encourage the community to consider becoming part-owners of the project. We will offer up to 10% ownership which could see the communities of Skye become significant community investors in renewable energy and thereby generate further revenues to be invested locally. Those revenues will be in addition to, not instead of, the community investment outlined above.  You can find out more about our successful shared ownership scheme here.

Get in Touch
Aside from public consultation events, Muirhall Team members are making regular visits to Skye and engaging as widely possible. If you would like to ask us a question, or set up a meeting in person, please contact Ross Jamison on the following email address:

Efficiency & Climate Targets

Onshore wind is the among the most cost-effective form of power generation in Scotland and this project will contribute towards ambitions national climate change targets by increasing the production of sustainable, green energy.  

Local Businesses & Suppliers

A key priority for the Company is to maximise the financial benefits of the wind farm for the people and businesses in the area. Muirhall Energy is committed to placing work with local contractors who tender within 10% of the best quote we get for any work on the project.    We will also be working hard to get our specialist site contractors to build a presence in the area and to use local subcontractors wherever possible.  We look forward to building new partnerships across Skye as this exciting project progresses.

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