At the heart of our business is a commitment to local people.

We aim to create real opportunities for individuals, groups, businesses and projects in the communities close to our developments.

Our Company's History

Company founder Chris Walker established Muirhall Energy Ltd’s first wind farm following the acquisition of Muirhall Farm, South Lanarkshire in 2002.

Subsequently, the Company undertook larger projects and devised new support initiatives, providing guaranteed funding for communities over the lifespan of the wind farms, well in excess of the required minimum. Building on the success of these initiatives, Muirhall Energy Ltd become an exemplar, recognised for its community-focussed ethos.

Muirhall’s policy of implementing substantial Initial Investment Funds have contributed to numerous community-led projects and initiatives, funding everything from sports teams to community transport. We are now offering shared ownership opportunities for communities of up to 10% equity in new projects. Shared ownership will enable communities to co-invest in our projects, ensuring a significant income stream for the community over the lifetime of the windfarm.

Most members of our team are based at Muirhall Farm . We also acquired lovely old building in Hawick in 2021 which has now become our South of Scotland office base.

Now with a growing team of highly skilled professionals with competencies ranging from grid access and development to project management and construction, Muirhall Energy Ltd remains focussed on contributing to Scotland’s ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions while simultaneously delivering real and tangible benefits for people and communities across the country.

Chris Walker, Founder & Chairman

Chris Walker Founder Muirhall Energy

Our ambitions for the future include a portfolio of renewable energy sites which we will seek to develop through:

Engaging with the communities that live and work close to our developments.

Committing to closely collaborating with local people to maximise the benefits to them and minimising any impacts.

Determination to deliver opportunities for local communities to co-invest in our projects.

Muirhall Energy is  a leading developer of renewable energy projects, based in South Lanarkshire.

Led and managed by a dynamic team, Muirhall has constructed over 140MW of onshore wind projects across the UK, with over 1.2GW either consented or in planning.

Our projects are making a significant contribution to Scottish and UK Government climate change targets and providing local communities across Scotland with funds to invest in the challenges and opportunities that matter to them.

Chris Walker

Founder and chairman

The Management Team

Sarah McIntosh

Managing director

Scott Matheson

Director of Finance

Function Heads

Sean Macdougall


Mike Molleson

Head of Design

Stephen Corr

head of project delivery

Amanda Swan

Head of Development

Mark Scott

Head of Legal