Battery Storage - A rapidly developing technology we are embracing!

June 13, 2022
Energy Storage

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are expected to play a significant role in regulating the frequency of future electric powers systems. With increased penetration of renewable generation, and as conventional fossil fuel-based power plants come offline, ESS are ideally placed to provide grid balancing services to the grid network.

In recognition of the need for ESS to support the continued deployment of renewable

energy to meet the UK’s energy targets, Muirhall set up a team in 2016 to develop utility scale energy storage projects. Since then the company has achieved a 100% planning success rate and has achieved consent for two separate 30MW projects in the Scottish central belt.

We continue to grow our exciting portfolio of projects therefore if you have any land which you think is suitable, we would be happy to consider it.

Key attributes we look for are:

• Land area 0.5ha +
• Close proximity to a Grid Supply Point which has capacity
• Outwith any sites of nature conservation e.g. Sites of Special Scientific Interest
• Outwith any areas prone to flooding
• Good access opportunity from main road

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