Generating Capacity

The Development

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The original Muirhall Windfarm comprises 6 turbines located at Stallashaw Moss,  a proportion of which is owned by Chris Walker, Founder of Muirhall Energy. Muirhall Windfarm was the first stage in the now 11 turbine wind farm development, constructed and now operated and owned by Muirhall Energy.

Muirhall Extension installed the largest onshore wind turbines in the UK at the time, at 147m. The Muirhall Windfarm Extension comprises two 147m to tip Senvion turbines.

Muirhall South is a 3 turbine development situated in close proximity to Muirhall Windfarm and Extension. We see this development as a natural evolution of the existing development, and comprises 3 turbines which incorporated the UK’s largest onshore blades at the time, of 60m.

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Latest News

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Community Investment

Original Muirhall Windfarm

Muirhall Windfarm has made an annual community investment contribution to the South Lanarkshire Renewables Fund, at a rate of c.£5,000 per megawatt (index linked sum) of installed capacity. This is approximately £60,000 annually, and over 4 times the Renewables Fund Contribution Rate at the date of consent).
The Council administers the ‘Stallashaw Moss Renewable Energy Fund’, which will receive the community investment contribution from Muirhall Windfarm over the expected operational lifetime of 25 years. These funds represent a total investment in local initiatives from Muirhall Windfarm of £1.35m throughout its operational life, of which £1.01m is guaranteed to benefit the immediate area designated by the Woolfords Auchengray Tarbrax Improvement Foundation (WAT IF). We are particularly proud to have been pivotal in the development of the WAT IF  Trust.

Muirhall Extension

Building on community ethos of Muirhall Windfarm, the extension enables further contributions to the Local Council Renewable Energy Fund. In addition, ad hoc support and donations to local clubs and worthy causes are considered and gifted from Muirhall Energy, made possible by the financial contributions of Muirhall Windfarm Extension.
Muirhall Windfarm Extension makes an annual community benefit payment, donated to South Lanarkshire Council Renewable Energy Fund, at a rate of £2,500 per megawatt. In addition, £8,000 per MW is delivered through Woolfords, Auchengray and Tarbrax Improvement Foundation (WAT IF?), a charity set up by local people for the benefit of the local community.
This means that in total, Muirhall Wind Farm Extension makes payments at a rate of £10,500 per megawatt (MW) of installed capacity (an industry leading level).

Muirhall South

Muirhall South injects a further £50,000 per year into the community’s worthy causes, through WAT IF, further supporting the local and wider population.
Currently, the total community benefit distributed from the 11 turbines of Muirhall Windfarm and Extensions amounts to over £182,000 per year.

We were pleased to assist Braehead Primary and were happy to receive this testimonial from the Parent Council:

“A  huge thank you from myself and the rest of Braehead parent council. This is a very generous donation, which we are overwhelmed by. The e-readers will not only hugely benefit the children but they will love them too. We have managed to purchase 17 e-readers and cases. The main reasons for wanting the e-readers was the ability to clean the reading material during covid, along with many other benefits such as increased reading levels, ability to change print size and help with dyslexia/visual processing disorders”.

Charlene Campbell – Chair, Braehead Primary Parent Council




 Muirhall Energy

Information at a Glance


  • Muirhall Windfarm – Operational since 2011
  • Muirhall Extension – Operational since 2014
  • Muirhall South – Operational since 2016


6 Turbines = Approximately 2.05MW each

3 turbines = Approximately 2.75MW each

2 turbines = Approximately 3.2MW each

Total Installed Capacity = Approximately 27.25MW


Height to blade tip = 6 turbines up to 125m, 3 up to 145m and 2 up to 147m


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