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The Development

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The Development

Project Overview

Loganhead has consent for 8 turbines at 135 m to tip . In November 2021,a section 36 application was submitted to the Energy Consents Unit for anoptimised scheme for the site, within the same development footprint. Theapplication was submitted for 9 turbines at 200 m to tip, which will generate asubstantially greater amount of energy, bringing with it greater environmentaland community benefits.

In August 2022, Additional Environmental Information was submitted withrespect to traffic and transport, and noise, providing an updated chapter foreach.

In March 2023, an updated planningstatement document was submitted to support the application following theadoption of the National Planning Framework 4.

Following consultation and stakeholder responses, Additional  Environmental Information has been submitted in February 2024 to reflect a new 8 turbine layout, with a maximum tip height of200 m giving a total indicative installed capacity of 53 MW, and all its associated  infrastructure.

To view the full submission and additional environmental information for 2024, CLICK THIS LINK.

Support for the projects

If you feel you can support the project, you can do so by writing to the Energy Consents Unit using reference ECU00002161.  Email: representations@gov.scot

Post: Energy Consents Unit, 5 Atlantic Quay, Broomielaw, Glasgow, G2 8LU.

Stephen Corr Muirhall Energy

Kirstin Leckie

Senior Project Manager

Latest News


Shared Ownership, Community Investment and Initial Investment Fund

"The revised applications also allows us to increase the community investment fund to over £1m a year across both projects, a trebling of our existing commitment, as well as offer the local community the opportunity to extend their shared ownership of wind farms Muirhall Energy has developed in the area.”

Kirstin Leckie, Project Manager

If built, Loganhead Wind Farm will offer an industry-leading community investment rate of £7,000 annually per megawatt of installed wind capacity. That figure would return approximately £415,000 per year to communities surrounding the wind farm.

In addition to these community investment funds, Muirhall Energy will offer up to 10% community shared ownership in Loganhead Wind Farm. Conversations have already taken place with communities around the proposed development and the dialogue will continue as the project progresses.  

Should Loganhead Wind Farm be consented, an Initial Investment fund (IIF) would be set up to support communities when construction begins.

Lockerbie and District Rotary Club project for Lochmaben Primary School - Muirhall Energy have supported the club with a combined £5,000 since 2020.

Shared Ownership Scheme

The development at Loganhead also offers an opportunity for the local community to own up to 10% of the wind farm following the model of our landmark Community Ownership Scheme at Crossdykes wind farm.

Shared ownership would generate considerable extra income to the local area, over and above the community investment funding which is a commitment made regardless of whether the shared ownership option is taken up. You can read more about shared ownership here.

This offer was taken up by numerous community councils from the area surrounding Crossdykes, which will benefit the local area with increased investment in the community for years to come.

The Muirhall team at the launch of Crossdykes - Local community councils own 5% of the wind farm through the Shared Ownership Scheme.

"We of course have a willing developer in Muirhall who share the ambition the communities have for their futures and who have been fundamental in helping the community achieve an ambitious agreement.

The communities think this deal is especially important for their future and the next generation. It may be a step towards other similar deals locally that could be transformative if the communities grasp the opportunities this will give.”

Chris Miles, Chair of Dumfriesshire East Community Benefit Group (on the shared ownership of Crossdykes wind farm).




 Muirhall Energy

Information at a Glance


The wind farm was consented by Dumfries and Galloway Council in 2019.

A Section 36 application will be submitted to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit in November 2021, for an expanded wind farm with larger turbines and more energy and financial potential.


Consented = 8 turbines of approximately 3.2 MW each.

Total Capacity = 25.6 MW

Revised application = 9 turbines of approximately 6 MW each.

Total Capacity = 59 MW


Consented height to blade tip = 135m

Revised application height to blade tip = 200m

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