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Keith McDougall

Our policy is one of openness and excellent public engagement and we are happy to address any queries which may arise.  Please contact the Project Manager, Keith McDougal via email (, if you would like to discuss the current application in more detail, or to arrange a call.

The site, located between Greengairs and Caldercruix, in North Lanarkshire was originally granted consent in January 2019

An application to vary the current consent was submitted to North Lanarkshire Council on 24th of October 2019. That application was to facilitate the installation of modern turbines, capable of producing approximately twice as much electricity as the previously consented development. To achieve the additional generation, the overall height of the turbines has increased from 125m to blade tip to 149.9m, which allows the full potential and efficiency of the project to be realised.

On the 24th September 2020, the variation application was consented. Muirhall Energy is currently working to discharge the conditions attached to the consent.

Muirhall Energy will arrange local information events prior to construction to allow communities and businesses to understand more about the project.

If you would like to know more, please fill out the form on our website

Stephen Corr Muirhall Energy

Keith McDougall

Project Manager

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Share Ownership & Community Benefits

Memorandums of Understanding have been agreed with four community groups to administer a community investment fund of £5,000 per megawatt of installed capacity. We anticipate the combined annual fund will be in the region of £192,000 per annum, or £4.8m over the lifetime of the wind farm; a boost from £120,000 per annum, reflecting the increased generation potential of the higher tip-height.

Muirhall Energy is committed to working with local companies to maximise the wider economic benefits of the development in the community.

We were pleased to receive the following testimonial from George McCutcheon

Over the past few years we have worked with Muirhall Energy and have always found them to be friendly and approachable. They have a great community engagement programme. 

They have provided support to Plains through many projects. In particular, PCF run the annual Bonnie Barrels competition. The village has approximately 100 wooden barrel planters. Each year Muirhall Energy has sponsored the competition by providing trophies for the winning barrels. 

Muirhall  assist PCF with the donation of selection boxes and Easter eggs to every pupil in the 3 schools based in Plains. Muirhall Energy quickly also came to our aid and ensured a section ofdamaged boardwalk was replaced and repaired after having been subject to fireraisings. 

Plains Community Futures certainly could not have achieved as much within the village without the support and engagement ofMuirhall Energy. We are glad to be able to continue to count on them as a trusted partner. 

We fully support Muirhall Energy in their ambitious project to deliver Greengairs East Windfarm and further green energy to our local area”. 

George McCutcheon – Chair, Plains Community Futures




 Muirhall Energy

Information at a Glance


Consented – expected to start constuctuction in spring 2021


  • 8 turbines at 4.8MW each
  • Installed total capacity 38.4MW


  • Height to blade tip = Up to 149.9m

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