Teviot Windfarm Proposal

If successful, the Teviot scheme will see communities across Teviotdale benefit from one of the most generous community investment funds of its kind anywhere in the UK while also contributing to Scotland’s net zero targets and supporting a sustainable energy economy. 

Teviot Windfarm proposal

Muirhall Energy has begun work to assess an area to the south west of Hawick as a potential site for an exciting new renewables project.  

If consented, the Teviot scheme will see communities across Teviotdale benefit from one of the largest community investment funds of its kind anywhere in the UK whilst also contributing to Scotland’s net zero targets and supporting a sustainable energy economy.

We believe that the dynamic and critically important renewables sector offers
unprecedented opportunities for communities to shape the way our energy will be delivered in the future.

Blending the technologies of wind and solar, we hope to integrate this exciting
development into the fabric of the area, involving local businesses, supporting
education and creating a fair and equitable economic and environmental model. This approach would directly benefit people living locally and, by including the community in the drive for greener growth and investment, we can work together towards creating a sustainable renewable energy model which is so critical for future generations.

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The Site

The proposed project would be sited to the east of Teviothead in the Scottish Borders near the Local Authority boundary with Dumfries and Galloway. The site offers good wind speed, is outwith any national or local landscape or nature designation and has already been identified by Scottish Borders Council as an area of potential for wind farm development. It is expected that the development will be co-located with an array of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels which will generate a blended energy mix, optimising the low carbon energy supplied to the grid from the site as Scotland moves towards a fully low carbon electricity network.

What's in it for you?
Muirhall Energy is recognised as an exemplar in the industry for its commitment to local communities and, as with our other larger projects, we will offer an industry-leading £7,000 per MW installed in community investment. That commitment will remain for the lifetime of the project and has the potential to create an annual community investment fund estimated to be around £3.6 million - the most significant fund of its kind anywhere in the UK.  Over the lifetime of the project this would equate to over £140 million of funding available for communities across the upper Teviotdale area to invest in the things that matter to local people, whether that be creating new jobs and training opportunities, improving local amenities and sports facilities or delivering environmental improvements. It will be for the people living in Teviotdale to decide where their priorities lie.

We will also encourage the community to consider becoming part-owners of the project. We will offer up to 10% ownership which could see the communities of Teviotdale become the biggest community investors in renewable energy anywhere in the UK and generate further revenues to be invested locally. Those revenues will be in addition to the community investment outlined above.

Involving the Community
The  Covid 19 pandemic has meant we have had to adapt our usual practice of engagement through public meetings and visits which have not been possible while restrictions are in place. Communication, openness and transparency are our key priorities and so the Muirhall team will now undertake a modified programme of presentations, in line with Government guidelines, to inform communities about the project and the exciting possibilities it will hold for the people and businesses in the area.

We will shortly be opening a South of Scotland office in the centre of Hawick. We are currently refurbishing one of the town’s most iconic buildings, the Old Post Office on North Bridge Street, to act as a focal point for our engagement with local residents and businesses and which will also become a base for existing and new employees in the south of Scotland.

Efficiency & Fairness
Onshore wind is the most cost-effective form of power generation in Scotland and this project will contribute towards limiting the effect of climate change by increasing the production of sustainable, green energy. Muirhall Energy is also committed to supporting a reduction in fuel poverty and is actively investigating ways in which that might be delivered.

Project Timeline
Muirhall Energy is yet to start the consenting process for the project, but intends to commence formal engagement with government bodies such as Nature Scot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage) over coming weeks through a process known as ‘scoping’, which defines the key areas to be considered by the Scottish Government and its consultees.

Following scoping, we will hold a number of public exhibitions where we will present our plans for the site and invite feedback on the project. After the consultation period, we will submit an application to the Scottish Government which will include a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment detailing the development. We hope to combine this development with environmental enhancements such as peatland restoration and native woodland planting and thereby provide improvements in habitats which will encourage wildlife to flourish..

Local Businesses & Suppliers
A key priority for Muirhall Energy is to maximise the financial benefits of the wind farm for the people and businesses in the area. We are committed to placing work with local contractors who tender within 10% of the best quote we get for any work on the project.

We will also be working hard to get our specialist site contractors to build a presence in the area and to use local subcontractors wherever possible.

If you are a local business and would like to be added to our local contractors list please contact us at info@muirhallenergy.co.uk and quote Teviot in the subject line.

We look forward to building many new partnerships in Teviotdale as this exciting project progresses.

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