Community Feedback

Plains Community Futures

“Over the past few years, we have worked with Muirhall Energy and have always found them to be friendly and approachable. They have a great community engagement programme. 

They have provided support to Plains through many projects. In particular, PCF run the annual Bonnie Barrels competition. The village has approximately 100 wooden barrel planters. Each year Muirhall Energy has sponsored the competition by providing trophies for the winning barrels. 

Muirhall also assist PCF with the donation of selection boxes and Easter eggs to every pupil in the 3 schools based in Plains. Muirhall Energy quickly came to our aid and ensured a section of damaged boardwalk was replaced and repaired after having been subject to fire raisings. 

Plains Community Futures certainly could not have achieved as much within the village without the support and engagement of Muirhall Energy. We are glad to be able to continue to count on them as a trusted partner. 

We fully support Muirhall Energy in their ambitious project to deliver Greengairs East Windfarm and further green energy to our local area”. 

George McCutcheon – Chair, Plains Community Futures